Pierre's of South Brunswick
Pierre's of South Brunswick

Our Story

The American Dream

Pierre had a dream to open his own deli, serve the people of the community and bring them together. Pierre acted on that dream and bought the Old Butler, a small deli and general grocery store. In 1990, he opened Pierre’s Deli. The community appreciated the quality and hospitality that Pierre offered and they supported him. He then realized he could better accommodate his guests by adding a restaurant. So in August 1995 to the Spring of 1996, Pierre added a total of four rooms to complete his restaurant which was added to the deli.

In late 1996, Pierre further expanded his establishment, purchasing the property adjacent to the deli and restaurant. In early 1997, he started construction on the bakery. Later that year he opened the bakery, an ideal addition that went well with the deli and restaurant.

In order to better serve the community, Pierre moved his deli from the restaurant and connected it to the bakery in 2001. Pierre then completely renovated his restaurant and added a bar and banquet facility including five banquet rooms. Pierre’s dream all along was to bring together under one roof, his restaurant, bar, and banquet facilities. The Deli and Bakery now jointly occupy a separate building complete with table or take-out service.

The mission at Pierre’s of South Brunswick is to treat all of our patrons like members of our family, provide them with food that is made with the finest quality ingredients, and the best service possible. At Pierre's it’s all about making the impossible, possible. In order to accomplish anything in life you need hard work, determination, and a strong belief system. That is the picture created when you walk into the establishment. It was not modeled after a corporate idea but one man's vision for a future for his family. A passion of his, that continues to grow strong every day.  Pierre and staff offer a friendly, warm and relaxed atmosphere, ideal for celebrating any occasion.

Pierre’s dream is coming true and he plans to keep growing and continue to unite the community with his philosophy of life: Communication, Understanding and Trust!

“Pray, Give Thanks and Give all of your Love to God.”   --Pierre Hage-Boutros


Celebrating 30 Years of Service

We are proud to serve this wonderful community. It's been 30 years and we want to thank all of our loyal patrons for their support.